How to Get Adsense Approval?

25 March 2022 Mert Kocakaya 0 Comment

Hello everyone. I would like to mention a topic that many people have been wondering about for a long time. How to get Google Adsense approval? We know that Google Adsense is a profitable system that provides additional income to users according to the sector and its conditions. Those who do not know what Google Adsense is What is Google Adsense? They can read our article titled ←. Let's talk about getting approval from Adsense. Of course, Google Adsense is a lucrative door for many companies and website owners. However, Adsense does not accept the application of every company that applies to its partnership. First of all, we need to understand the logic of Google Adsense's application approval process.

How Does Google Adsense Evaluate Applications?

Adsense, which is widely used in our country, considers some criteria for the platforms that apply. Although Google seems to be just a search engine for us in our daily lives, we have to forget that Google is also a company and needs to make money to survive. Of course, as with every search engine, the main factor that will make Google earn money is more users. That's why Google puts user experience-oriented criteria in both the search algorithm and the Ads (Adwords) algorithm. That is, when the user visits a web page, how long does he spend on this page, what other pages he visits on the same website, when he leaves the website,

The most important of these parameters is websites with high search and click volume for users. As a matter of fact, websites that do not have organic visitors and have low clicks and search volumes will naturally have a low ability to gain users. Since Google is aware of this situation, it usually does not give Adsense approval to websites that do not receive visitors, even a little. Of course, the earnings situation also comes into play here. As a matter of fact, the more clicks and returns advertisers who run campaigns through Ads (Adwords) receive, the more they will continue to advertise on Google. As a matter of fact, Google also chooses the platforms where it will publish its ads in order to win over the advertisers and make them permanent customers.

What are the Conditions to Get Google Adsense Approval?

Let's see how to get Adsense approval for the profit that individual users dream of for their websites. First of all, the criteria we will specify here are the main and indispensable criteria for Google. Many people in the market who want to trade this business may offer to sell Adsense approval to your website without these criteria. However, do not forget that a company like Google with a trillion dollar business volume will not be fooled by such cheap tricks, and even though it may seem like they were fooled for a short time and make the candidates happy, do not forget that all violating individuals are eliminated from this sector in the long run. Let's come to the criteria Google expects from candidate websites for Adsense approval;

Your Website Must Be Unique

Google's primary condition in both the SEO algorithm and the Ads and Adsense algorithm is to provide users with original and unique content. When you do a search on Google, many of the results are the same and share the same information. However, we, the searchers, only look at one or two of these results, and we do not care about the other results because we know that those search results will give the same information anyway. Here, Google knows this much better than we do and gives added value points to websites that will offer unique and original content to searchers. Especially the content copied from different platforms is extremely harmful to Google and it is important that it can put the website in the sandbox. (Sandbox; Google bans a website and deletes all its indexes)

Speed ​​and Visual Optimizations Must Have Been Made

We said above that Google is also a company and needs users to make money. This perspective should keep in mind the idea that Google is building an algorithm based on user experience. As a matter of fact, when we visit a website, slow-loading pages, disproportionate and poor quality visual and media content, illegible fonts and text colors cool us and cause us to leave the page quickly. Naturally, since Google knows this situation very well, it expects faster and optimized arrangements from websites. We can list these optimizations as follows:

  • Images must be in jpeg or web format,
  • Image dimensions should be compatible,
  • No unnecessary JS and CSS files,
  • There should be no server-related or add-on slowdowns that prevent startup,
  • The mobile view of the site should be responsive,
  • The contents should not be colors other than the standard colors that will tire the eyes,
  • Font types and sizes of content must be legible

Must Have Organic Visit

Many individuals are eager to get approval by applying for Adsense as soon as they open their website. Afterwards, they are disappointed by the rejection. However, you should not ignore the part we mentioned above. Google publishes the advertisements of advertisers through AdWords on the websites of individuals through Adsene. But put yourself in the advertiser's shoes and look at it from that angle. If the ads you gave did not get proper clicks and the clickers left your site without returning as customers, would you advertise on Google again? Here, in order not to lose the advertiser, Google both chooses websites related to the advertiser's industry for the ads it will publish on Adsense, and expects the site where the ads will be published to receive organic visitors, even if it is around 5-10 per day.

At least 15 days to 30 days must have passed since your website was launched

I know, like many of you, I am one of those people who applied for Adsense as soon as I opened my website on time and was disappointed with the rejection. :) However, over time, after getting approval from dozens of websites, some pieces started to fall into place. After you open your website, even if you enter your content, it takes an average of 15 days to 1 month for Google to index and publish these contents in its index and make you permanent. Applying for Adsense during this period is equivalent to saying to Google that there is nothing in my shop, it is empty, there are no customers, but you come, post an ad and I will too. :)

There should be no illegal content or content that violates the privacy policy.

Today, unfortunately, the sectors that receive the most visits and clicks are either platforms such as movies, music, books that violate copyrights, or adult sites, that is, platforms from pornographic content bars. However, Google does not approve Adsense for websites that practice such copyright infringement, pornographic platforms, or websites with violent content that do not appeal to the general audience. Therefore, you should not host content that violates Google's privacy terms and policy on your website.

When you successfully meet all these conditions, your Adsense applications will be approved in a short time and you will start to earn income. In this process, you should stay away from people and institutions that sell unnecessary hits and backlinks and tell you that they will get Adsense approval. Receiving services from such companies will not only get you Adsense approval, but will also cause your website to be discredited by the search engines. You can ask any question that comes to your mind under this heading. We wish you many profitable days! :)