Why Is Adsense CPC Low?

25 March 2022 Mert Kocakaya 0 Comment

Greetings everyone. Under this heading, I will talk about CPC for Google Adsense users, that is, why the costs per click are low and how Adsense CPCs are determined. First of all, what is Adsense for those who are new to Adsense? and How to Get Adsense Approval? I recommend reading our article. Now let's talk about why Adsense CPCs are low.

How Is Adsense CPC Determined?

It is necessary to clarify this point; Google Adsense does not apply a different price policy in every country. Many Adsense users complain that Google has low CPCs especially in Turkey and therefore they earn less revenue from clicks. However, the most important known mistake here is; Adsense does not determine the amount of revenue to be given from clicks. Here, the main event begins in AdWords advertising. The main factor that determines Adsense CPCs is AdWords advertisers. As a matter of fact, Google chooses the ads to be published on Adsense from the ads of AdWords advertisers.

Why Are Adsense CPC Rates Low?

For example, let's say you have a website where you create content about shoes. I am also a company that sells shoes. My "shoes" keyword ads that I publish through Google AdWords will be published on your website because it is the relevant industry and you are an Adsense user. I bid 50 Kurus per click for the keyword "shoes". So for every user who clicks on that ad, I will pay AdWords 50 cents. When my ads are published on your Adsense partner website and receive clicks, Google gives you a commission from this revenue. These commission rates vary between 5% and 15% on average.

In other words, in an industry where I bid 50 cents per click, every click you get on the advertisements published on your website, as well as your earnings, will be in the form of a penny. At this point, what we call niche sites, bidders have higher bids per click and more specific sectors come into play. However, we will cover niche sectors under another heading.

The reason why your Adsense CPC rates are low is due to the low pay-per-click bid offered by advertisers per ad. For example, if you opened a website in an industry where a bid of 100 TL per click was made, your income from clicks would naturally be in the 15 – 20 TL band and you would see at least 15 TL in your CPC. However, due to the sectoral content of the website you have used and the fact that advertisers in Turkey keep the per-click advertising costs low, your adsense revenues are naturally low and CPC seems low.

How Can I Increase Adsense CPC Rate?

First of all, if you have thoroughly understood the issue I mentioned above, it means that you understand that the CPC rate is not caused by you and cannot be increased. However, with a few small touches, we can improve our Adsense earnings in a positive way. There are two alternative ways we can do this:

  • Opening a site in an industry with high bid-per-click rates
  • To determine the ad groups to be published on our website

Among the methods to increase Adsense CPC rates, I assume that you have already opened your website and do not want to make any changes. I will mention that part in the niche website section. Let's come to the second method, the part of adjusting the ads. Here, from the ads section in your Adsense settings panel, you can see which of the ads shown on your website receives more clicks and which has higher CPC. In general, the biggest mistake made by users who want to increase their adsense income is that they think they will earn more income when they activate all ad groups. However, this is quite a misconception. Let me explain this with a more specific example:

For example, our Adsense account includes the following advertiser groups and information:

  • Ad Group A: 34 Clicks – CPC 1 TL
  • Ad Group B: 12 ​​Clicks CPC 10 TL
  • Ad Group C: 5 Clicks CPC 0.50 Kurus

When we examine our ad groups above, we notice that ad group A receives more clicks and generates 34 TL of income with the clicks it receives. On the other hand, ad group B receives 12 clicks, but since the CPC rate is higher, it provides an average of 120 TL in revenue. Ad group C, on the other hand, has very low clicks and CPC rates.

That being the case, why would you activate all ad groups and run ads that won't give you anything even if they get clicks in your ad spaces? Instead, we should aim to increase the click-through rates of these ads by activating only the B ad group, as seen in the table above, by publishing only the ads from the B group during the day. Thus, instead of waiting for 120 clicks from ad group A and 240 clicks from ad group C, we can easily earn the same income even by only getting 12 clicks from ad group B.

You can ask any question you may have under this heading. I wish you many profitable days! :)