WordPress Website

WordPress Website

Website design, with its shortest definition, can be defined as the process where graphics and texts used for the purpose of promoting institutions and individuals, products and services, together with the main lines, can access the search engines on the website.

Developer: Mert Kocakaya


Mert Kocakaya is known as an SEO expert who organizes and gains experience in fields such as wordpress web design and graphic design, as well as content management and e-commerce. It has been working continuously and actively since 2011. These studies can be listed as software, active marketing operations, and search engine optimization. During his university years, which dates back to 9 years of experience, he was also interested in these fields and managed to form the basis. He has been dealing with content writing and SEO consulting for many years. He has also succeeded in realizing some of the projects he has determined and worked on. He made arrangements about graphic design, content management, wordpress website. It is known that many of their clients and those who have been working in this field since 2011 are satisfied. It has implemented more than 130 projects. Mert Kocakaya, who has succeeded and continues to develop himself and put forward good works in this field, is one of the best options to be preferred when considering website content and areas such as wordpress web design. It has developed not only web design but also responsive design, UI / UX design, content management, PHP script, SEO expertise and continues its services in this way.

Wordpress Infrastructure and Flexibility

If Wordpress is briefly defined, it is known as the name given to the system designed for users to open or create a blog page without the need and need of a code knowledge. It is a system that helps the creation of a site in every conceivable field such as news site, game site, e-commerce sites, donation sites, forum site, corporate company sites, blog site. Theme and plugin information is included in the wordpress website and provides access to many features. When it is desired to set up a site, it is possible to set up the site with wordpress without the need for a code or any information. This service is purchased and the site design begins that way. Desired features may not be included in the theme, depending on the characteristics and nature of the site that has been established or will be established. It brings more beautiful and features for wordpress website to bring features. The desired features are easily realized with this process.

What is Wordpress and How Does It Work?

Wordpress is a plugin with its shortest definition, and this plugin is known as a system that brings features that are not included in the site or that spreads the existing features on the site to a wider area. One of the biggest benefits is that there are many wordpress plugins that can be added to the site. It can cause big changes with a small action on the site, which makes big differences in the action to be made. Some types of plugins can turn the site into a fully functioning e-commerce site, social networks or forum.

What Should Be Considered in a Wordpress Plugin?

Installing the plugin incorrectly can cause site error. In addition to slowing down the site, it deliberately introduces malicious code. May cause an unintentional security vulnerability to occur. For this reason, before adding plugins related to wordpress web design, it is necessary to pay attention to the plugins that have been added. Wrong add-ons also bring negative situations. Other features to be considered on these sites can be defined as choosing appropriate themes. It can be listed as choosing a theme, choosing mobile compatible themes, AMP compatible themes, testing theme performance. Choosing a high-performance theme is also important. The reason can be listed as the existing features can serve more purposes.